Two residential buildings near the Theatre Principal.

Localidad: Olot |

The project *emplaça in one of the biggest islands of the ancient core of Olot, beside the Main Theatre, and *engloba in a global operation of opening of new communication between the Firal (emblematic RAMBLA of origin in a firal agricultural and farmer) and the Dolors street and the zone of *creixament radial surroundings of him Widen of the *Alou, start of the Historical core.

The project situates in the Dolors Stret, of scarce dimension, and quite a lot of commercial activity and in his low plants. The new facade alignment does more widen the street at this point at the same time that they facilitate the views to the new free public space of the interior.

Architecturaly there are two residentials blocks with commercial basses , and three flats for plant. The will of the architecture is to integrate the new facades in the ancient urban plot without giving up a true current language, that give answer so much to the outside as a the current inner needs of greater light and views. In this way they mix the rhythms of vertical openings in groups and pauses, how in a musical melody.